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How Much are CA Fishing Licenses?

A California fishing license cost is anywhere from $54.00 to $145.80 for an annual sport fishing license. There are also some reduced rates for certain individuals. Continue reading for more details on which California fishing license is best for you.

California Fishing License Price 2021

First, California residents over the age of fifteen can purchase an annual sport fishing license for $54.00, while non-residents of the same age range can purchase one for $145.80. Short-term fishing licenses are also available for both residents and non-residents at the following rates: one day for $17.54, two-day for $27.00, or ten-day for $54.00.

Disabled veterans, recovering service members, and low-income senior citizens get a reduced rate for annual sport fishing licenses at $8.24. Resident low-income Native Americans and blind, mobility impaired, and developmentally disabled persons can apply for free annual sport fishing licenses.

Lifetime sport fishing licenses are also available for California residents only. The prices are as listed: ages 0-9 for $594.75, ages 10-39 for $972.50, ages 40-61 – $876.00, and ages 62+ – $594.75.

Additional report cards and validations are required for certain target catch species or gear types.  To see how much does a California fishing license costs online, or to apply online, click here.

How Much Does a Non-Resident Fishing License in California Cost?

An annual sport fishing license for California for non-residents over the age of fifteen costs $145.80. Disabled veterans who are non-residents of California can apply for an annual fishing license at a reduced rate of $8.64. This rate is provided they have a service-related disability of at least 50 percent and hold an honorable discharge status.

Free Fishing Days in California

Finally, we have Free Fishing Days. Every year for two days, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife hosts Free Fishing Days. On these specific days, you do not need a fishing license to fish in California waters. Some areas provide classes and seminars for novice anglers. Just like any other day of the year, all catch and length limit regulations still apply. Anyone catching sturgeon, steelhead, or salmon must hold a report card in order to comply with state regulations.

The Free Fishing Days for 2021 occurred on July 3 and 4.



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