Connecticut Trout Limit

The daily bag limit in Connecticut of any species combination including brown, brook, rainbow, and their hybrids is five fish in ponds, streams, rivers, and lakes. In tidal waters and lower rivers, the daily bag limit for trout is two fish. They must measure at least fifteen inches in length. Special bag limits may apply to certain waters designated by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. Find more about the Connecticut trout limit in this article.

In this article, we will review the Connecticut fishing regulations for state waters, the Connecticut River, and the freshwater bodies. We will also provide you with the dates for the 2022 fishing season.

Connecticut Fishing Regulations 2022

All anglers over the age of fifteen, whether resident or non-resident, are required to possess a Connecticut fishing license while fishing in state waters. When fishing in most state waters, a trout and salmon stamp is also required. This goes for wild and stocked trout management areas and trout parks. This applies whether you are fishing for harvest or catch and release.

You can legally harvest trout by angling or ice fishing. There is a list of designated water bodies that have special regulations regarding the season, bag limit, length limit, and harvestability of trout. For the complete set of regulations, visit Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection website.

Connecticut River Fishing Regulations

The Connecticut River is classified as a lower river that is open to trout fishing all year long. You can only harvest trout measuring over fifteen inches in length in these rivers. The limit is two trout per day.

Connecticut Fishing Regulations for Freshwater

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection classifies Connecticut’s freshwater bodies under two categories: streams and rivers, and ponds and lakes. These waters are open to trout fishing except for about two months in the spring. The limit per day is five fish.

Connecticut Fishing Season 2022

The trout fishing season for all of Connecticut’s tidal waters and lower rivers extends year-round. However, the trout fishing season for ponds, rivers, streams, and lakes will only be open from April 9 to February 28 of the following year.


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