Trout Limit in Vermont

The daily bag limit for brown, brook, and rainbow trout for Vermont streams and rivers is eight fish, and for ponds and lakes is six fish. Harvest of more than five fish per species is prohibited. The daily bag limit for lake trout in combination with landlocked salmon is two fish.

There are specified Vermont water bodies that have lower trout limits or are catch and release for trout. Outlined in Vermont Fish & Wildlife’s Fishing Guide and Regulations is where you can find them.

In this article, we will review the Vermont fishing regulations for 2022. After, we’ll tackle the trout size limits and the open fishing seasons for all trout species.

Vermont Fishing Regulations 2022

All anglers older than fourteen years of age, whether resident or non-resident, are required to possess a valid Vermont fishing license to fish in state waters. Find all gear restrictions, daily bag and size limits, and specific water body rules in the Vermont Fish & Wildlife’s Fishing Guide and Regulations.

Need help getting your license? Check out our article.

Vermont Fish Size Regulations

There is no minimum length limit for brook, rainbow, or brown trout caught in Vermont. However, harvested lake trout from any Vermont waters must measure at least eighteen inches in length.

Vermont Rainbow Trout Limit

The daily bag limit for rainbow trout is five fish per day from any Vermont waters. A combination of trout species including rainbow trout has a daily bag limit of eight fish. This is for Vermont streams and rivers. For ponds and lakes, the limit is six fish in Vermont.

Vermont Trout Season 2022

Open water fishing season for all trout species in all Vermont waters begins on the second Saturday of April and concludes on October 31. Ice fishing season for all trout species in all Vermont ponds and lakes begins on January 1 and concludes on March 15.

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