Fishing License Maryland  

Any persons over the age of fifteen fishing in Maryland waters must obtain a valid Maryland fishing license which is good for a full year from the date of purchase. Freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses are available for purchase for both residents and non-residents of Maryland.

Fishing licenses are not required for individuals who are fishing from a pier or boat whose owner or operator possesses a valid license. Military personnel on active duty stationed in the state of Maryland or Maryland residents on official leave from active military duty are also not required to hold a fishing license.

In this article, we will review how to purchase a Maryland fishing license online, the prices for both freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses, and where you can purchase a license.

Fishing License Maryland – Online

You can purchase a license on the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ website through their COMPASS portal. Once you have created an account, you can purchase the license, print it off, or access it digitally anytime.

It’s important to note that Maryland’s COMPASS portal can only be accessed through the most updated version of your web browser, and you must have a valid email address to create an account. Other services such as saltwater registration and trout stamps can also be accessed through the COMPASS portal.

Maryland Fishing License Cost 2021

The current costs of freshwater and saltwater Maryland fishing licenses for residents and non-residents are listed below.

License Type

Resident Fee

Non-Resident Fee

Freshwater Annual



Freshwater 7 Day


Home state non-resident fee*

Freshwater 3 Day


Home state non-resident fee*

Saltwater Annual



Saltwater 7 Day



* This is equal to the cost of a non-resident fishing license offered by the purchaser’s state of residence.

For anglers seeking to catch trout, trout stamps are available for purchase at $10 for non-residents and $5 for residents. Senior citizens aged 65+ that are residents of the state can also purchase a combination freshwater and saltwater fishing license for $5.

Residents and non-residents who are blind can obtain a Maryland fishing license for free. Maryland resident veterans with 100% service-related disability and former prisoners of war can also obtain a free lifetime fishing license with proper documentation.

The state also offers three free fishing days during the year, where anglers are not required to purchase a license. These days are listed as July 4 and the first two Saturdays in June.

Where To Buy a Maryland Fishing License

Maryland fishing licenses can be purchased online at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources’ website, by mail, or in person at any valid licensing agent or Department of Natural Resources Regional Service Center.

There are almost 200 licensing agents in the state of Maryland including sporting goods stores, liquor stores, and Walmarts. There is also eight Department of Natural Resources Regional Service Centers, two per region.

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