Trout Fishing Guide

What it Takes to be a Trout Fishing Guide

Becoming a trout fishing guide requires a combination of fishing skills, knowledge, permits, and business acumen.The following are some general steps on what it takes a trout fishing guide: Fishing Skills and Knowledge: You should have a deep understanding of trout fishing, including different species of trout, their behavior, habitat, and various fishing techniques. Experience…

Trout Limit in Nova Scotia

Trout Limit in Nova Scotia

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia is known for its diverse and picturesque landscapes. This includes numerous rivers, lakes, and streams that provide excellent opportunities for trout fishing. It offers a variety of trout species, including brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, and lake trout. Anglers often enjoy the serene natural surroundings while fishing for…

can you ice fish for rainbow trout

Can You Ice Fish for Rainbow Trout?

Can you ice fish for rainbow trout? Yes! It is an increasingly popular activity among anglers during the winter months. Not all states will have a dedicated ice fishing season, due to having milder winter climates. But those with trout-inhabited water sources at higher elevations, or trout-stocked ponds will still have opportunities for ice fishing….

trolling for trout

Trolling for Trout with Spoons

Trolling for trout is a popular fishing technique that involves dragging lures or baited hooks behind a moving boat. This method allows anglers to cover a large expanse of water, increasing their chances of enticing trout to strike. Trolling is commonly used in lakes, reservoirs, and larger rivers where trout tend to roam in search…

barometric pressure in fishing

Barometric Pressure in Fishing

Barometric pressure, also known as atmospheric pressure, is the force exerted by the weight of the atmosphere on the surface of the Earth. It is measured in units of pressure, such as millibars (mb) or inches of mercury (inHg). Changes in barometric pressure can be an indication of changes in weather, with high pressure often…

year-round trout fishing

Year-round Trout Fishing in the US

There are many popular states for trout fishing in the United States, but when is fishing for these beauties allowed? Let’s delve in to find out when and where you can fish for year-round trout fishing. Montana Montana is known for its clear waters and abundance of wild trout and is a prime destination for…


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