Fishing License Nevada

All anglers aged twelve and over are required to have a Nevada fishing license to fish in Nevada state waters. The prices for Nevada fishing licenses are listed below.

License Type Resident Price Non-Resident Price
Annual (ages 18+) $40 $80
One Day (ages 18+) $9 $18
Each consecutive day added to one day license $3 $7

Annual combination hunting and fishing licenses are also available for Nevada residents to purchase for $75 and non-residents for $155. You can only purchase Nevada fishing licenses for anglers twelve to seventeen years old as combination hunting and fishing licenses. These youth licenses cost $15 for both residents of Nevada and non-residents.

Furthermore, reduced rate combination fishing and hunting licenses are available to purchase for $15 for Nevada residents who are military personnel stationed on active duty outside of the state, severely disabled persons, disabled veterans with at least 50% service-related disability, and senior citizens over the age of 65 who have lived in the state for at least five years.

Native American residents of the state of Nevada can purchase a combination hunting and fishing license for only $10.

Finally, non-residents also have the option to purchase a one-day combination fishing and hunting license for $23 with any additional consecutive days added at $8 per day.

Where to Buy a Nevada Fishing License?

Fishing licenses for the state of Nevada are available for purchase from the Nevada Department of Wildlife by mail, by phone, or online. You can also buy a fishing license from any valid license agent such as Walmart and participating sporting goods stores.

For those purchasing the specially discounted combination hunting and fishing licenses such as individuals with disabilities whether veteran or citizen and those identifying as Native American, licenses must be purchased in person at a Nevada Department of Wildlife office in order to provide the necessary documentation.

Online, a renewal of any license including reduced rate combination hunting and fishing licenses is available.

Nevada Fishing License Online

You can purchase Nevada fishing licenses on the Nevada Department of Wildlife’s website. You can also print off your license straight from the website and access the virtual version of your license from your Department of Wildlife account.

Renew any Nevada fishing license online at the Nevada Department of Wildlife’s website using the account you created during your first purchase.

Nevada Fishing License Age

Any persons over the age of eleven, both residents and non-residents, of the state of Nevada are required to possess a valid Nevada fishing license when fishing in Nevada state waters. The exceptions to this rule are persons fishing in interstate waters such as Topaz Lake, Lake Mohave, Lake Mead, Lake Tahoe, and the Colorado River.

Individuals between the ages of twelve and seventeen must purchase a combination fishing and hunting license in order to fish. Resident senior citizens who have lived in Nevada for at least five years and are older than 65 can apply for a reduced rate combination license.