Trout Limit Wyoming

The total daily bag limit in Wyoming for a combination of cutthroat, golden, tiger, rainbow, and brown trout with salmon and grayling is six fish from lakes and streams. Only three of those trout may be harvested from streams and only one can measure over sixteen inches in length.

The daily bag limit for brook trout harvested from Wyoming waters is sixteen fish. The daily bag limit for a combination of lake and splake trout is six fish. Only one may measure over twenty-four inches in length.

In this article, we will review some of Wyoming’s fishing regulations for 2022 as well as the age requirements for fishing licenses and the fishing seasons for Wyoming waters.

Wyoming Fishing Regulations 2022

All anglers must purchase a Conservation Stamp that remains valid for a full year. This comes in addition to possessing a Wyoming fishing license in order to fish in state waters. Every angler is allowed two rods to fish at a time.

For a fish list of Wyoming fishing regulations including specially regulated areas, see the Wyoming Fishing Regulations 2022 booklet available on the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission website.

Wyoming Fishing Age Regulations

All anglers over the age of thirteen, regardless of residential status, must acquire a valid Wyoming fishing license in order to fish in Wyoming state waters. Reduced rate fishing licenses are available for those between the ages of fourteen and eighteen.

Wyoming Fishing Seasons

Wyoming permits fishing all year round both day and night for most bodies of water in the state. Specified Wyoming water bodies with the fishing regulations may have restricted fishing seasons. The state permits ice fishing during in the winter in twenty-eight designated water bodies. To see the full list, visit the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission website.


Know that you’ve read about the Wyoming trout limit, check out how to get your license here.

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