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Best Time to Fish for Trout [What You Need to Know Before You Go!]

Timing your trout fishing trip, though, is critically important. Time of day, weather conditions, and even the season all have an impact on whether or not the Trout are going to be biting. Your best bet, though, is to head out in the early morning (about two hours after sunrise) or in the late afternoon (about two hours before sunset).

How to Catch Trout in the Winter

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know in order to be successful in your wintertime trout fishing adventures. We will clue you in to where the trout hang out during the winter including what depth they are typically found. We will also give you hints on the best bait to use and how to optimize your spinner reeling techniques for winter trout fishing.

How to tie fishing knots

How to Tie Fishing Knots

It probably boils down to the type of knot you tied or rather, how well you tied the said knot. When you take a fishing line that is rated for 15lbs and wrap it around itself in whatever combination of loops and whorls suits your fishing routine, you may just be reducing that 15lb test to 8lbs, without even realizing it.

Man fishing in a river

How to Trout Fish in a River

The best place to find trout is in deep pools of slow-moving water that can be found right after shallow, fast-moving water. The reason why they wait by the fast-moving water is to take advantage of any food such as crustaceans, minnows, or insects that might float by.

Can you Trout Fish at Night?

Night can be a very lucrative time to fish for trout. Trout may even be more active at night than during the daytime if the weather is clear and sunny. Trout like cold, dark waters so will stay inactive on a warm, sunny day and come out at night to feed. Brown trout are especially…

What to Catch Rainbow Trout With

Trout are carnivores, so it’s best to present live bait to them. You can catch them using cutworms, dry flies, salmon eggs, soft plastics, lures, and power baits. Trout is also a great sporting fish with good fighting ability – they are extremely fun to catch because they usually run and jump once they are…