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Fishing License Cost in North Carolina

Need to know what a fishing license will cost in North Carolina?

The pricing for fishing licenses costs in North Carolina is as follows:

Type of License


Inland 10 Day Resident


Inland 10 Day Non-resident


Inland Annual Resident


Inland Annual Non-resident


Inland Lifetime Resident (age 16-64)


Inland Lifetime Senior Resident (age 65+)


Coastal 10 Day Resident


Coastal 10 Day Non-resident


Coastal Annual Resident


Coastal Annual Non-resident


Coastal Lifetime Infant (age under 1) Resident & Non-resident


Coastal Lifetime Youth (age 1-11) Resident & Non-resident


Coastal Lifetime Adult (age 12-64) Resident


Coastal Lifetime Adult (age 12-64) Non-resident


Coastal Lifetime Senior (age 65+) Resident


Combo Inland & Coastal Annual Resident


Combo Inland & Coastal Lifetime Resident


For more in-depth analysis on what a fishing license does cost in North Carolina, keep reading.

Annual North Carolina inland fishing licenses for using special gear including cast nets, dip nets, reels, spear guns, fish pots, traps, eel pots, hand-crank electrofishers, baskets, gigs, bow nets, gill nets, and seines are available at a cost of $80 for residents and $530 for non-residents.

North Carolina residents who are on Food Stamps, Medicaid, or Work First Family Assistance can obtain an annual combination inland and coastal fishing license for free.

Lifetime fishing licenses for North Carolina waters are available for purchase at a reduced rate for totally disabled residents and 50% military service-related disabled veteran residents. Both inland and coastal fishing licenses for these persons cost $11 each.

North Carolina residents who are legally blind or reside in an adult care home can obtain a lifetime combination inland and coastal fishing license for free.

North Carolina Fishing License Online

A fishing license for the state of North Carolina may be purchased online at the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission’s automated license and vessel information network website. When purchasing your fishing license online, there may be a $2 handling charge associated with processing your credit card.

Lifetime fishing licenses for disabled persons, infants, and youths cannot be purchased online due to documentation requirements.

North Carolina Fishing License Renewal

You can renew your North Carolina fishing license in person or by phone at any Wildlife Service agent. Alternatively, if you purchased your fishing license online, you should have an account created through the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission’s website. Simply log into your existing account and select the option to renew.

Walmart Fishing License North Carolina

North Carolina fishing licenses are available for purchase from select Walmart stores which have a sporting goods section. Though you can obtain short-term and annual fishing licenses from Walmart, they do not sell lifetime licenses which are only available for purchase through the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission.

Do Senior Citizens Need a Fishing License in North Carolina?

Senior citizens are required to possess a fishing license if fishing in North Carolina waters. Though the price of annual and short-term licenses remains the same for all individuals over the age of fifteen, lifetime licenses are available at a reduced rate of $16 for North Carolina residents aged 65 and older.

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