Minnesota Fishing License

rder to fish in Minnesota state waters, anglers must purchase a Minnesota fishing license issued by the Department of Natural Resources. Licenses can be obtained from the Department of Natural Resources either online or by phone, or from one of the approved license vendors found throughout the state.

Michigan Fishing License

In order to fish in Michigan state waters, you must purchase a Michigan fishing license from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The pricing for Michigan fishing licenses can be found in the table below.

Fishing License Illinois

An Illinois fishing license is required to fish in Illinois state waters and is available for purchase from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources or other approved vendors. The table below outlines the prices of fishing licenses for the state of Illinois.

Fishing License Virginia

In order to fish in Virginia waters, all anglers must possess a valid Virginia fishing license. These can be obtained by phone, by mail, online, or in-person from the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources.

Fishing License Information for Missouri

o fish in Missouri state waters, residents and non-residents of the state must possess a valid Missouri fishing license. There are exemptions from purchasing a license and all licenses are issued by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Get Your Fishing License in Mexico!

All anglers are required to possess a valid Mexico fishing license if fishing in Mexican waters by boat. Fishing licenses can be purchased online or in-person from issuing government agencies and licensed vendors.

Get Your Saltwater Fishing License in New Jersey

New Jersey offers some great saltwater fishing both recreationally and commercially. While you do not need a recreational saltwater license for New Jersey, you do need to register with the state’s saltwater registry. Commercial anglers are required to possess a saltwater fishing license. In this article, you will learn who needs to possess a saltwater…

Indiana Fishing License

All anglers eighteen and older must possess a valid Indiana fishing license in order to fish in public state waters. Exemptions apply for certain cases and reduced rates are available for particular individuals as well. In this article, you will learn how to purchase an Indiana fishing license online, what the requirements are for possessing…