fishing license for idaho

Fishing License for Idaho 2024

2024 Idaho Fishing for License

To get an Idaho license for fishing, anglers can easily purchase one online through the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) website or at various authorized vendors across the state. The IDFG website provides a straightforward process for residents and non-residents to obtain their fishing license, allowing anglers to choose from different options such as annual, multi-year, or short-term permits.

Additionally, anglers can visit participating retail locations like outdoor supply stores, bait shops, and IDFG offices to buy their fishing license in person. Idaho offers discounted rates for seniors, military members, and youth, making it accessible for all to enjoy the state’s exceptional fishing opportunities while contributing to conservation efforts. Be sure to check the 2024 Idaho Fishing Seasons & Rules Brochure for the most up-to-date fishing regulations, size and creel limits. 


Access Depredation Fee – 1 year*

Access Depredation Fee – 3 Years*













*Required for the first annual license of the year; not for daily licenses.

**To opt into a “price lock” that is available, anglers may purchase a 3-year license. Prices shown are without a price lock.


fishing license for idaho


Fishing Licenses for Idaho: Your Comprehensive Guide

Fishing in Idaho isn’t merely a recreational activity; it’s a cherished tradition deeply ingrained in the state’s culture. With its abundance of pristine lakes, rivers, and streams, Idaho offers anglers an unparalleled fishing experience. However, before casting your line into the sparkling waters of the Gem State, it’s essential to understand the regulations and requirements surrounding fishing licenses.

Why Fishing Licenses Matter

Fishing licenses serve as more than just a legal requirement; they are a vital tool for conservation and management of Idaho’s fisheries. The revenue generated from fishing licenses goes directly back into funding conservation efforts, habitat restoration, fish stocking programs, and enforcement of fishing regulations. By purchasing a fishing license, anglers contribute to the preservation and sustainability of Idaho’s aquatic resources for future generations to enjoy.

Types of Fishing Licenses

In Idaho, fishing licenses are available for both residents and non-residents, with various options to suit different needs and preferences. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) offers several types of fishing licenses, including:

1. Resident Fishing License:

This license is available to individuals who have resided in Idaho for at least 6 consecutive months before applying. It allows residents to fish in Idaho’s waters for a specified period.

2. Non-Resident Fishing License:

Non-residents can purchase this license to enjoy fishing in Idaho’s waters. Non-resident licenses are available for different durations, such as daily, annual, or three-year licenses.

3. Youth Fishing License:

Designed for young anglers under a certain age threshold, the youth fishing license encourages children and teenagers to explore the joys of fishing while promoting outdoor recreation.

4. Senior Fishing License:

Idaho offers discounted fishing licenses for senior citizens, providing them with affordable access to the state’s abundant fishing opportunities.

5. Disabled Veteran Fishing License:

Idaho honors its disabled veterans by offering them special fishing privileges, including reduced or waived license fees.


fishing license for idaho


Understanding Fishing Regulations

The Idaho Fish and Game Commission establishes fishing regulations to ensure the sustainable management of the state’s fisheries. These regulations cover a wide range of topics, including fishing seasons, bag limits, size restrictions, and gear regulations. It’s essential for anglers to familiarize themselves with these regulations before heading out on a fishing trip to avoid any violations and contribute to conservation efforts.

The IDFG provides comprehensive resources, including the Idaho Fishing Seasons and Rules booklet, to help anglers understand and comply with fishing regulations. This booklet outlines the specific rules and regulations for different fish species, water bodies, and fishing techniques. Anglers can access the latest version of the Idaho Fishing Seasons and Rules booklet online or obtain a printed copy from authorized vendors.

Conservation Initiatives

Idaho’s commitment to conservation extends beyond fishing regulations and license sales. The state actively engages in habitat restoration projects, fish stocking programs, and scientific research to ensure the long-term health and sustainability of its fisheries. Anglers can support these conservation initiatives by practicing responsible fishing practices, such as catch-and-release fishing, minimizing environmental impact, and participating in volunteer efforts to protect Idaho’s natural resources.




Fishing in Idaho offers unparalleled opportunities to connect with nature, unwind in serene surroundings, and create lasting memories with friends and family. However, responsible angling requires more than just bait and tackle; it demands a commitment to conservation and adherence to fishing regulations. By obtaining the necessary fishing license, understanding the rules and regulations, and supporting conservation initiatives, anglers can contribute to the preservation of Idaho’s cherished fishing heritage for generations to come.

So, before you embark on your next fishing adventure in the Gem State, make sure you’re equipped with the right knowledge and licenses to make it a memorable and sustainable experience. Whether you’re casting a line into the Snake River, trolling for trout in Payette Lake, or fly fishing on the Henrys Fork, responsible angling practices ensure that Idaho’s aquatic treasures remain abundant and thriving for years to come.