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Fishing License Wyoming

Any persons over the age of thirteen whether resident or non-resident must possess a valid Wyoming fishing license to fish in Wyoming state waters. Fishing licenses can be purchased for a daily, five-day, annual, or lifetime period with availability varying depending on residential status.

Fishing licenses are available for both residents and non-residents of the state. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department issue these licenses. They can include regular fishing, conservation stamps, seine or trap licenses, live bait dealer licenses, and Flaming Gorge Reservoir Reciprocal stamps.

Free lifetime fishing licenses are available to senior citizen (over 65 years of age) residents who have lived in Wyoming for at least thirty years, any purple heart recipient, and any disabled veteran with a 100% service-related disability.

Conservation stamps are also required for anyone who holds a WY fishing license except for the one- and five-day licenses, specially-limited permits, and veterans with at least 50% service-related disability.

In this article, you will learn how to purchase your Wyoming fishing license online, pricing guides for both residents and non-residents, age requirements for fishing licenses, where to purchase your fishing license, and special circumstances for fishing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Wyoming Fishing License Online

Wyoming fishing licenses can be purchased on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website. You are required to set up an account from which you can purchase, renew, and print off your fishing license.

Additionally, you can download and carry your fishing license digitally on your smartphone as proof of licensure instead of having a paper copy on hand.

Wyoming Fishing License 2021

Here, the table shows the prices for Wyoming fishing licenses for the 2021 fishing season for residents of the state:

License Type Price
One Day $6
Annual (ages 14 to 17) $3
Annual (ages 18+) $27
Lifetime $311

Anyone who resides in the state for over one consecutive year is considered a resident and eligible for the WY fishing license fees above.

Non-Resident Wyoming Fishing License

The following table shows prices for Wyoming fishing licenses for those who are not residents of the state:

License Type Price
One Day $14
Five Day $56
Annual (ages 14 to 17) $15
Annual (ages 18+) $102

Wyoming Fishing License Age

Wind River Range in Wyoming

Any person older than thirteen years of age must hold a valid state fishing license to fish in state waters. Youths between the ages of fourteen and seventeen are eligible for reduced rate annual licenses for both residents and non-residents of the state.

Where Can You Buy a Wyoming Fishing License?

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department website are where to purchase fishing licenses online. Alternatively, you can buy a fishing license from the regional offices of the WY Game and Fish Department or from one of the licensed selling agents including most general stores, sporting goods stores, Walmart stores with outdoor and sporting goods departments, and some convenience stores.

Fishing License in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

A valid Wyoming fishing license is required to fish in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and can be purchased at the Jackson Hole and Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center in Jackson. Because the National Elk Refuge in Jackson is a state wildlife refuge, a conservation stamp is also required for an angler fishing in Jackson, Wyoming.

Conservation stamps are available for purchase on an annual basis for $12.50. Qualifying Wyoming residents, those who have lived in the state of Wyoming for at least ten consecutive years, can also purchase a lifetime conservation stamp for $185.50.