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Trout Limit in Georgia

Georgia waters are home to three freshwater trout species and their hybrids. Anglers may harvest up to eight of these fish per day. Speckled trout have a higher daily bag limit at fifteen fish per day. Certain waters have a lower daily bag limit than the statewide limit for freshwater trout.

Continue reading for more information on trout limits including size limits and the special trout regulations for specified water bodies.

What Is the Trout Limit in GA?

The daily bag limit for trout caught in Georgia is eight fish. This includes any combination of rainbow, brook, brown trout, and all hybrids of these three species. The daily bag limit for trout caught in South Carolina-Georgia border waters is five fish.

There are other specified waters that have different possession limits than the state limit. In Waters Creek, the daily bag limit for trout is one fish and only three total trout may be taken per year. Trout are prohibited from harvesting in the Dukes Creek-Smithgall Woods Conservation Area.

While length limits are not imposed on trout caught from most Georgia state waters, brook trout caught in Waters Creek must measure at least eighteen inches. Similarly, rainbow and brown trout caught in Waters Creek must measure at least twenty-two inches.

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Speckled Trout Size Limit

Although Georgia does not have much coastline to speak of, there are sea-run trout, also known as speckled trout, to be caught here. The minimum size limit for speckled trout caught in GA waters is fourteen inches total length. The daily bag limit for Georgia speckled trout is fifteen fish.

Lake Trout Limit

Georgia does not have a lake trout limit because lake trout are typically found farther north than the state. Lake trout inhabit deep cold waters and Georgia’s lakes don’t provide the necessary habitat for them.

Georgia Trout Daily Limit

Georgia waters are home to three different species of trout: brown, brook, and rainbow. Tiger trout, the sterile offspring of brook and brown trout, can also be found in Georgia waters. The daily possession limit for any combination of these trout species is eight per day.

In certain waters, however, the daily possession limit is lower. For example, the daily trout limit for the waters that border both Georgia and South Carolina is five fish, for Waters Creek is one fish, and for the Dukes Creek-Smithgall Woods Conservation Area is zero fish.

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