Trout Limit West Virginia

The daily bag limit in West Virginia for trout is six fish of any combination of golden, brown, rainbow, or brook trout. There is no minimum length limit for trout in West Virginia. In Stephens Creek, the daily bag limit is two trout of any combination of species.

In this article, we will review some of West Virginia’s fishing regulations for 2022. We’ll also go over the dates for the trout season in 2022.

Fishing Regulations West Virginia 2022

Any angler who is over the age of fourteen, whether resident or non-resident, must possess a valid West Virginia fishing license in order to fish in state waters. The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources is responsible for issuing fishing licenses and setting fishing regulations for the state.

Designated throughout the state, there are specific bodies of water that are catch-and-release only for trout or fly fishing only. For these areas, anglers may only fish during the daytime. Also, you cannot use scented baits in these waters.

Barbed hooks are allowed on single hook lures, but not on multiple hook lures for catch and release areas. Spinning reels are prohibited for the fly fishing areas. You must immediately release all trout caught in the fly fishing waters.

For the full summary of fishing regulations for the 2022 fishing season in West Virginia, check out the Department of Natural Resources website.

West Virginia Trout Season 2022

Trout fishing season is open all year round with stocking occurring in specific trout waters between February and May. Designated for delayed harvest are Middle Wheeling Creek and the Guyandotte River’s Clear Fork. Fishing for harvesting trout can take place from June 1 through September 30. These streams are catch-and-release only for the rest of the year.