Michigan Fishing License

In order to fish in Michigan state waters, you must purchase a Michigan fishing license. Purchase your license from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. The pricing for Michigan fishing licenses can be found in the table below.

License Type

Resident Price

Non-resident Price

One Day






MI residents who are blind can obtain a discounted fishing license for $11 with the proper documentation. Underwater spearfishing is free for both non-residents and residents although you may be required to purchase a $1 sports card.

Michigan residents who are active members of the military or are 100% disabled veterans whose disabilities are due to their military service are eligible to obtain Michigan fishing licenses for free. Additionally, non-residents who are on active military duty in the state of MI can purchase a fishing license at a resident’s rate.

Combination fishing and hunting licenses are available for purchase in the state of Michigan. They come at a price of $76 for residents and $266 for non-residents. Senior residents over 64 can purchase combination fishing and hunting licenses at a reduced price of $43.

In this article, we will review the requirements for a MI fishing license, how to purchase a MI fishing license online, and the age requirements for a Michigan fishing license.

Michigan Fishing License 2022

Michigan fishing licenses are issued by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and can be purchased online or at any office branch of the Department of Natural Resources. Additionally, there are hundreds of approved license vendors throughout the state where you can purchase a MI fishing license such as sporting goods stores, general stores, and hardware stores.

A Michigan fishing license covers the targeting of fish, crustaceans, amphibians, and reptiles whether captured for sport or for food. Michigan fishing licenses are valid starting March 1 and expire on March 31 of the following year.

For fishermen who harvest sturgeon, you must register your catch with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources but you don’t have to possess a sturgeon permit.

Michigan Fishing License Online

You can purchase a MI fishing license on the Department of Natural Resources website. Simply create an account on their licenses and permits pages and their purchase or renew your fishing license. If you purchase your Michigan fishing license online, you will have two options. You can print your license out from your home printer or keep a digital copy on your phone.

Michigan Fishing License Age

Any angler over the age of sixteen, whether resident or non-resident, must possess a valid MI fishing license to fish in state waters. If any angler under the age of seventeen wants to fish in Michigan state waters, he or she must be accompanied by an adult who holds a valid Michigan fishing license.

Youth licenses are available for purchase on a voluntary basis for $2. Senior residents over the age of 64 can purchase a fishing license at a discounted price of $11.