Fishing in Oregon

Online Fishing License Oregon  

An Oregon fishing license can be purchased online from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website. Fishing licenses purchased online can either be printed off or viewed on your smartphone with the MyODFW app.

In this article, we will review the fishing license options for the state of Oregon, fishing licenses for non-residents, how to access and use the MyODFW app, and Oregon fishing licenses for youths.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Licensing

Credit: ODFW LinkedIn Page

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife offers a variety of fishing license options for both residents and non-residents. Resident annual fishing licenses can be purchased for just fishing at a cost of $44.00 or in combination with a hunting license for $73.00.

Annual sports packs for residents are also available for $196.50 and provide the holder with a combination fishing and hunting license along with various hunting and fishing tags and validations.

Fishing licenses are also available for shorter time periods for the following prices:

  • One day fishing license: $23.00
  • Two day fishing license: $42.00
  • Three day fishing license: $59.50
  • Seven day fishing license: $93.50
  • One day fishing and shellfish combination license: $32.50

Resident senior citizens and disabled veterans are eligible to purchase Oregon fishing licenses at a reduced rate. Senior citizen fishing license pricing ranges from $6.00 to $29.00 depending on age and length of residency. Disabled veterans can acquire a fishing license for free.

Oregon Fishing License Non-Resident

Non-residents may purchase an annual fishing license for the state of Oregon for $110.50. The cost of one, two, and three-day fishing licenses is the same for non-residents as it is for residents and only non-residents are able to purchase a seven-day fishing license.

Non-residents are not eligible for annual fishing and hunting combination licenses, or a senior citizen or disabled veteran discounts. Non-residents who are active military service members, however, can purchase a fishing license at a reduced cost of $44.00.

Oregon Fishing License App

ODFW App on Google Play Store and the Appstore

You can choose to carry your fishing license virtually on your phone, rather than possessing a physical paper copy, through the MyODFW app. When purchasing your fishing license online, simply click the e-tagging option then download the MyODFW app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Log in to your account using the username and password you created for the ODFW website when you purchased your fishing license. A virtual copy of your fishing license is available to view so you don’t have to worry about an extra piece of paper in your wallet.

Youth Fishing License Oregon

Youth fishing licenses for the state of Oregon are available for persons aged twelve to seventeen years old. These licenses are sold as a combination hunting, shelling, and fishing license and cost $10.00 for both residents and non-residents of Oregon.

A youth sports pack is also available for Oregon residents only at a cost of $55.00 and includes the annual combination license along with a suite of hunting and fishing tags and validations.

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