Fishing License Delaware

Simply put, if you are an angler fishing in Delaware waters, whether resident or non-resident of the state, you must possess a valid Delaware fishing license. Additionally, fishing guides and vessels require fishing licenses to cover the clients and passengers who fish from their boats. The prices for each license are listed below.

License Type Resident Cost Non-Resident Cost
Annual $11 (ages 16 to 64) $22.50 (ages 16+)
Seven Day N/A $14.50 (ages 16+)
Boat (20 feet or less) $42.50 $42.50
Boat (more than 20 feet) $52.50 $52.50
Fishing Guide $102.50 $302.50
Charter Boat $150 $300
Head Boat $300 $600

Anglers fishing for trout must possess a trout stamp. For Delaware residents, ages twelve to fifteen the price of a trout stamp is $3.10. For residents ages sixteen to sixty-four the price is $5.20. Non-residents over the age of eleven can purchase a trout stamp for $7.20.

Those who are exempt from possessing a Delaware fishing license include persons under sixteen years of age, residents over 64 years of age, blind residents, and Delaware residents who are rehabilitation patients. Anyone fishing from a vessel whose owner possesses a boat fishing license or a fishing guide license does not also need to hold a Delaware license to fish.

People fishing in a Department of Agriculture sanctioned fee-fishing facility do not need Delaware fishing licenses. Residents who own or reside on a farm larger than 20 acres may fish on said farm without a fishing license. Likewise, non-residents who own or occupy a farm larger than 20 acres who are practicing husbandry may also fish on said farm without a fishing license.

Delaware Fishing License Online

Delaware State Sign

Delaware fishing licenses are available for purchase online at the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s website. Not only can you buy your fishing license from their online portal, but you can also apply for your Fisherman Information Network number, print off your license, or present your digital license to inquiring authorities.

DNREC Fishing License

First, Delaware’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control is the issuing authority for Delaware recreational fishing, clamming, and crabbing licenses.

Additionally, all anglers possessing a Delaware fishing license must apply for a free Fisherman Information Network identification number through the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

Delaware Fishing License Age

A license is required for all anglers over the age of fifteen who fish in Delaware state waters. Additionally, any anglers over the age of eleven fishing for trout must purchase a trout stamp. Anglers who are of an age to purchase a trout stamp but not a fishing license do not need a Fisherman Information Network ID.

Delaware Fishing License for Seniors

Senior citizens over the age of 64 who are Delaware residents are not required to possess a Delaware fishing license as long as they can provide proof of age and residency to inquiring authorities while fishing in state waters. However, non-resident senior citizens are not included in the license exemption and must hold a valid Delaware fishing license to fish in state waters.

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