Oregon Trout Limit

The daily bag limit in Oregon for trout is five fish of any combination of trout species measuring between eight and twenty inches in length. One harvested trout per day can measure over twenty inches. Bull trout are prohibited from harvest. They must be immediately released upon capture because they are a protected species.

In this article, we will review the 2022 fishing regulations for the state of Oregon including the different fishing zones and Oregon’s fishing season.

Oregon Fishing Regulations 2022

Fishing on the Owyhee River, OR

All anglers over eleven years old, regardless of residential status, must acquire a valid Oregon fishing license to fish in Oregon state waters. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is responsible for issuing fishing licenses and setting and enforcing fishing regulations.

You are required to report the quantity of steelhead trout you catch. This goes for whether they are hatchery harvested or wild-caught. Combined Angling Tags and Hatchery Harvest Tags are available for purchase for anglers who are fishing for species that fall within their purview.

Every angler can only possess one rod. You must attend to your rod at all times when fishing. Two-rod validations are available for purchase for an additional rod.

Oregon Fishing Zones

Credit: ODFW

The state of Oregon is divided into nine different fishing zones. The inland angling zones are broken up into six zones. They are the Southeast Zone, Northwest Zone, Southwest Zone, Central Zone, Willamette Zone, and Northeast Zone. Each inland zone is divided into a few fishing districts. These districts are managed by different officials from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.  

The western border of Oregon is dominated by the Marine Zone. The northern border encompasses the Columbia River Zone. The northern half of the eastern border is comprised of the Snake River Zone.

Oregon Fishing Season

Oregon is open for fishing all year round. You can catch any of the multiple species of trout during any season of the year. Brown, cutthroat, rainbow, lake, tiger, bull, steelhead, and brook trout are found in abundance in Oregon waters including over five million stocked individuals for fantastic fishing opportunities any time of the year.


Now that you know about the trout limit in Oregon, learn how to get your license here.

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