Fishing License in South Dakota

Fishing License in South Dakota 2024

2024 South Dakota Fishing License

To obtain an annual fishing license in South Dakota, individuals can follow a straightforward process. They can visit the South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks (GFP) website, where they will find a dedicated section for purchasing licenses. On the website, applicants can choose the type of fishing license they need, such as a resident or non-resident annual license, and provide the necessary personal information, including proof of residency if applicable. Payment for the license can be made securely online using various payment methods.

Alternatively, individuals can visit GFP offices, license agents like bait shops or sporting goods stores, or use the GFP mobile app to apply for and purchase their annual fishing license in person. Once the application is processed and approved, anglers will receive their annual fishing license, allowing them to enjoy fishing in South Dakota’s waters throughout the year. Be sure to check the 2024 South Dakota Fishing Handbook for the most up-to-date Fishing regulations, size and creel limits. 



Habitat Stamp**







*2024 License period is December 15, 2023 through January 31, 2025.

**Habitat Stamp is required when applying for a hunting or fishing license.

Fishing License in South Dakota

Fishing License in South Dakota

Regulations: A Comprehensive Guide

Fishing in South Dakota offers a plethora of opportunities for anglers to enjoy the great outdoors, but it comes with a set of regulations that ensure the sustainability of fish populations and the protection of aquatic habitats. Understanding the licensing requirements and regulations is crucial for any angler planning to cast a line in the waters of South Dakota. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the various aspects of fishing licenses in South Dakota, including general licensing, residency requirements, exceptions, special permits, and more.

General Licensing:

Before embarking on a fishing adventure in South Dakota, it’s essential to understand the basic licensing requirements. A fishing license is mandatory for individuals aiming to catch fish, turtles, bullfrogs, or bait. Additionally, specific methods such as hoop netting, trapping, floatlining, or setlining require additional licenses in conjunction with a valid resident fishing license.

Agent Fee:

When purchasing or replacing fishing licenses through an authorized agent or online platform, anglers may incur a maximum fee of $4 per license transaction.

Buying Licenses:

Resident and nonresident fishing licenses are available for purchase at various retail stores, bait shops, and select County Treasurer offices across South Dakota. Anglers can also conveniently obtain licenses online through the GFP website or mobile app. It’s important to carry a state-issued ID when purchasing licenses over the counter.

Carrying/Exhibiting Licenses:

Anglers are required to exhibit their fishing licenses upon request by wildlife conservation officers or law enforcement personnel. Additionally, individuals must present valid identification to verify their identity, especially if they are 18 years of age or older.

Lost Licenses:

In the event of lost licenses, anglers can replace them at any registered license agent, subject to the standard agent fee. Alternatively, licenses can be reprinted at home by the licensee at any time.

Fishing License in South Dakota

Tribal Waters:

Anglers fishing in inland waters overlaying Indian trust property or the Missouri River may need tribal fishing licenses or access permits depending on the location.

Angler Assistance Permit:

The Department may issue Angler Assistance permits to individuals with disabilities, allowing them to fish with assistance from another person without the need for a separate fishing license.


To qualify for a resident license, individuals must meet specific criteria regarding domicile, residency claims, driver’s license, and vehicle registration in South Dakota.

Military General Fishing and Hunting License:

Active-duty residents stationed outside South Dakota may fish and hunt small game without payment of fees or licenses, provided they possess appropriate military orders and identification.

Proof of Residency:

Residents aged 18 or older must present a valid South Dakota driver’s license or state-issued ID card to purchase licenses.

Disability License:

Residents with certain disabilities may apply for a $10 Disability Card equivalent to fishing and small game licenses.

Habitat Stamp:

A habitat stamp is required for individuals aged 18 or older applying for hunting or fishing licenses.

Annual Fishing License:

Allows residents and nonresidents to fish throughout the license period, with specific variations for seniors, youth, and landowners.

Temporary Fishing Licenses:

One-day and three-day fishing licenses are available for nonresidents, each with specific validity periods and allowances.

Getting a Fishing license in South Dakota is straightforward. South Dakota regulations aim to promote responsible angling practices while conserving fish populations and aquatic habitats. By adhering to these regulations and obtaining the necessary licenses, anglers can enjoy the diverse fishing opportunities that South Dakota has to offer while contributing to the preservation of its natural resources.

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