Trout Limit Pennsylvania

The daily bag limit for a combination of any trout species in Pennsylvania is five fish during the regular season and three fish during the extended season in stocked trout waters. The minimum size limit for harvested trout is seven inches.

Trout caught in class A designated wild trout waters cannot be harvested. Instead, they must be immediately released during the extended fishing season.

In this article, we will also review the fishing regulations and fishing season in Pennsylvania for 2022.

Pennsylvania Fishing Regulations 2022

Any angler over the age of fifteen, whether resident or non-resident, must possess a valid Pennsylvania fishing license in order to fish in Pennsylvania state waters. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission sets the regulations for fishing in the state and issues fishing licenses.

Pennsylvania offers five different species of trout to fish: brown, golden rainbow, rainbow, lake, and brook. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has divided the state into six regions of management. The full list of streams designated as Class A wild trout areas are listed on their website.

They also have the list of approved tackles for harvesting, trophy, and catch-and-release trout areas. Be sure to look up the specific regulations for the body of water you intend to fish before you go.

Fishing Season Pennsylvania 2022

The regular trout fishing season in Pennsylvania begins on April 2 and ends on September 5. The extended trout fishing when the bag limit drops in stocked waters and wild streams becomes catch-and-release only begins on September 6 and ends on February 20.

You can’t trout fish in the off-season from February 21 through April 1. There is a special trout fishing day for mentored youths. It is open to trout fishing for those who are registered with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission on March 26.


Now that you know about the trout limit in Pennsylvania, check out our article on getting your fishing license.

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