Minnesota Fishing License

In order to fish in Minnesota state waters, anglers must purchase a Minnesota fishing license issued by the Department of Natural Resources. Licenses can be obtained from the Department of Natural Resources either online or by phone, or from one of the approved license vendors found throughout the state.

Active military members whether residents of Minnesota on leave or non-residents stationed in Minnesota and patients of a V. A. hospital do not need a MN fishing license.

Over the course of this article, we will review the cost of Minnesota fishing licenses, how to purchase a Minnesota fishing line online, as well as the age requirements for a Minnesota fishing license.

Minnesota Fishing License Cost 2022

Minnesota fishing licenses vary in price according to the time period the license is valid for as well as the residential status of the angler. The prices for Minnesota fishing licenses are outlined in the table below.

License Type

Resident Price

Non-resident Price

One Day



Three Day



Seven Day



One Year



Three Year



Combination fishing licenses are also available for married couples to use either individually or fishing together. For residents, an annual MN couples fishing license costs $40. For non-residents, a two-week MN couples fishing license costs $54.

An annual family fishing license is also available for non-residents at a price of $68. This includes a married couple and their children under the age of sixteen so that each person can have their own possession limit.

Trout, walleye, and sturgeon validations are available for both residents and non-residents who are targeting these species. Sturgeon and walleye tags cost $5, while trout validations cost $10.

Lifetime fishing licenses are available for both residents and non-residents, and the price varies by age range. Combination fishing and hunting licenses for Minnesota can also be purchased by Minnesota residents. For an individual combination license, the price is $41. For a married couple’s combination license, the price is $57.

Minnesota Fishing License Online

You can purchase an MN fishing license online at the Department of Natural Resources website. All you need is your social security number to register with the Department. Each type of license corresponds to an individual code on the website to make it easy to select the type of fishing license you want to purchase or renew.

After you purchase your fishing license, you need to print it from your home computer unless it involves a sticker or tag that will be sent through the mail.

Minnesota Fishing License Age

All anglers over the age of fifteen, whether resident or non-resident, are required to possess a valid Minnesota fishing license in order to fish in state waters. Residents over the age of 89 do not need a Minnesota fishing license.

Next, youth licenses are available for anglers sixteen and seventeen years of age at a reduced price of $5. Lastly, anglers younger than sixteen who desire their own possession limit must also purchase a youth license.