Best Trout Hook Size

The best hook size to use for trout fishing range between a size 8 and a size 14. Since trout have great eyesight and tend to live in clear waters, larger hooks are more easily detected by the fish. That’s why smaller hooks generally land more trout than bigger ones.

The best way to determine the exact size to use is to research the species and the average size of trout in the area you are planning on fishing. This will help you gauge the most appropriate hook size to ensure that you land the perfect catch.

In this article, we will review the best hooks to use for trout fishing including the right hook size to use with trout power bait and the best size hook for catching rainbow trout. We will also give some recommendations for the best trout hook brands to purchase.

Best Hooks for Trout

Two of the most popular hooks to use for trout fishing are treble hooks and circle hooks. Circle hooks are user-friendly and allow the angler to simply start reeling in the fish when they get a hit. There is no need to work at actually hooking a fish because the pressure of reeling in the line will set the hook.

Treble hooks are perfect for the angler who wants to catch and keep the trout he’s fishing for. They are easy to bait, and they have a high success rate of hooking a fish that hits the bait. Treble hooks do injure the fish easily so you may want to consider a barbless option if you are only catch-and-release fishing.

Some of the best-rated hook brands on the market for trout fishing include Raven, Gamakatsu, and Daiichi. The Daiichi and Raven Sedge hooks are great for landing all kinds of trout. There are thin enough to be hard to detect in the water but strong enough to hook a fish.

The Gamakatsu Octopus hook is great for large trout, especially steelhead who put up a fight. Raven Specimen hooks are also known to hold up to bigger fish. Owner and Redwing also make a few good-quality hooks for trout fishing.

The key to purchasing the best trout hook is using a quality brand. If you purchase a cheaper hook made of low-quality materials, the hook could easily break or bend. These are important factors to consider especially if you are fishing in areas that may have large rocks or places where your hook can easily snag.

Hook Size for Trout Powerbait

Trout powerbait is one of the best baits to use for trout fishing. These fake bait bits are powerful enough to lure trout in and make them bite right off the bat. Powerbait is fairly small though so it’s best to use a hook size 12 or 14.

The smaller the hook, the better in order to hide it inside the bait. Size 14 hooks are especially best for bottom rigs.

Rainbow Trout Hook Size

Rainbow trout, like other species of freshwater trout, are best caught with a smaller hook, usually around a size 12. However, steelhead, which is rainbow trout that migrate to saltwater, tend to grow larger than their strictly freshwater counterparts.

For steelhead trout, you want to use a slightly larger hook in the range from a size 10 to 12. Steelhead trout can also put up quite a good fight, so having a larger hook will help hook your catch. If you use too small a hook for steelhead, they can steal the bait and swim away without getting hooked at all.