Trout Fishing Limit in Washington

The daily bag limit for trout in Washington is five fish per day. Only two of the trout from the daily catch can come from streams, rivers, or beaver ponds. They must measure at least eight inches in length. There is no size restriction for trout from ponds, lakes, and reservoirs.

In this article, we will review the 2022 fishing regulations for Washington state including the rainbow trout size limit, fishing rules set by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the fishing season dates.

Washington Fishing Regulations 2022

Fishing regulations for the state of Washington fall under the jurisdiction of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. If you are over the age of fourteen, you must possess a valid Washington fishing license in order to fish in state waters.

Want a complete list of the regulations and rules regarding fishing in Washington state? Check out the annual fishing pamphlet available for download on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

Washington State Rainbow Trout Size Limit

Steelhead, or ocean-run rainbow, trout are raised in hatcheries in the state of Washington. The daily bag limit for anglers harvesting these rainbow trout is two fish measuring twenty inches in length.

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Fishing Rules 2022


The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has a full list of rules available for your perusal on their website. Below are some of the basic regulations especially regarding trout.

When trout fishing, bull trout (also known as Dolly Varden trout) are illegal to harvest and must be immediately released upon capture. You cannot remove steelhead and bull trout from the water if the intention is to release them. This goes for most bodies of water except the Columbia River.

Specific bodies of water have special rules and regulations especially those associated with the Columbia River Basin, Puget Sound, and lakes in both the eastern and western parts of the state. Check the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife website to see if the area you plan on fishing abides by special regulations.

Washington Fishing Season

The fishing season for Washington state is open year-round for game fish including trout for ponds, lakes, and reservoirs. For streams, rivers, and beaver ponds, the fishing season begins on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. The season will end on October 31.

Now that you know more about the trout fishing limit in Washington, check out our article to get your license.