When to Catch Trout in Colorado

Trout are available to catch all year round in Colorado. Colorado is home to five different species of trout to fish for including rainbow, brook, brown, lake, and cutthroat trout. The best time to fish for trout is in the late spring around dusk or dawn.

In this article, we will review when the best time of year and best month is to fish for trout in Colorado as well as the fly fishing season. Additionally, we will provide a fishing map of the state and some tips on catching trout in Colorado.

Colorado Fishing Map

Best Time of the Year to Fish in Colorado

The best time of the year to fish for trout in Colorado is during the late spring when the water is just warming up to make increase their feeding but not lethargic. Late summer to early fall is also a good time to fish for trout because the water will start to cool down from the height of the summer heat.

Wintertime may also be good for trout fishing because the water is cold enough for the trout to feed and the competition with other fishermen is far lower. Although you do need to be aware that temperatures that are too cold for trout will make them lethargic and less likely to bite.

Best Month to Fish in Colorado

May is the best month to fish for trout in Colorado. The waters are beginning to warm up and the trout are beginning to feed after a winter of lethargy and semi-hibernation. July through September also offers great trout fishing because most trout spawn during this time of year, so they are abundant and feed a lot.

The early summer months such as June also display good trout fishing if you know where to fish. The fish are increasing their feeding but they are also trying to move to deep water where it’s cool as the shallow waters begin to heat up.

Fly Fishing Season in Colorado

Fly fishing season in Colorado occurs all year round. The best times of year to go fly fishing for trout are in the spring and the fall. In the spring, the trout are biting heavily because the waters are warming up from the cold wintertime temperatures but are not hot enough to drive them into deeper waters.

In the fall, the water temperature is cooling down from the height of the summer heat and the crowds are less abundant, so trout are more plentiful per fly fisherman.

Tips on Catching Trout in Colorado

One of the best tips for catching trout in Colorado is to watch the trout stocking reports to see which water bodies will be filled with catchable-sized trout. Another trick to finding the perfect catch is to kayak to different fishing spots that are not accessible by any other means. This way you have less competition from other anglers.

Finally, do your research on the best kind of bait to be using for the area you are in and the species you are targeting.

Now that you know when to catch trout in Colorado, check out some more basics on trout fishing.

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