Wild Brown Trout caught in North Carolina

The Trout Limit in North Carolina

The catch limit for trout in North Carolina is four fish per day in public mountains and wild trout waters and seven fish per day in undesignated trout waters and those supported by hatcheries. The minimum total length limit of wild trout waters is seven inches while there is no length restriction for the other harvestable trout waters.

North Carolina on a map

Fishing License Cost in North Carolina

Need to know what a fishing license will cost in North Carolina? The pricing for fishing licenses costs in North Carolina is as follows: Type of License Price Inland 10 Day Resident $9 Inland 10 Day Non-resident $23 Inland Annual Resident $25 Inland Annual Non-resident $45 Inland Lifetime Resident (age 16-64) $265 Inland Lifetime Senior…

Trout Fishing in North Carolina

Heard of Trout Fishing in North Carolina? If not, you’re not alone, but North Carolina anglers are blessed with some of the best trout fishing water in the country. Here’s the only guide you’ll need to find the best trout fishing in the state.