is trout or salmon healthier?

Is Trout or Salmon Healthier?

Eating freshwater fish like trout and salmon is an excellent way to take advantage of the nutritional benefits they offer. Not only are freshwater fish a good source of protein, but they also contain other essential…

ways to cook trout

The Best Ways To Cook Trout

Some of the best ways to cook freshly caught trout include pan-frying, grilling, baking, and poaching. To pan fry, it’s as easy as coating a filet lightly in flour and frying the fish in butter or…

Fishing in Lake Mead

The Ultimate Guide to Fishing in Lake Mead

Do you want to go fishing in Lake Mead, but you’re unsure where to start or have questions you just can’t find answers to? If you’re going to Lake Mead, you should most definitely plan on…