Age for Texas Fishing License

Anyone over the age of sixteen and under the age of ninety is required to possess a fishing license to fish in the state of Texas. Senior residents aged sixty-five and older may purchase a Senior Resident Fishing License at a reduced fee. 

Texas Fishing License Requirements

To fish in public waters in the state of Texas, all residents and non-residents aged seventeen and older are required to hold a Texas fishing license. Exceptions to this rule include residents who are older than ninety and anyone with a medically documented intellectual disability accompanied by a supervising medical professional or family member. 

In addition, Oklahoma residents over the age of sixty-four don’t need to hold a Texas fishing license. Neither are Louisiana residents over sixty-four who possess a valid Louisiana fishing license. 

How Much Is a Fishing License in Texas?

Freshwater fishing licenses are available at a cost of $30 for residents, $12 for senior residents (65 and older), and $58 for non-residents. Texas fishing licenses are valid from the date of purchase to August 31 of the same year. 

Lifetime fishing license packages are also available only to residents of Texas. They are purchasable at a price of $1000. For an additional $800, you can add a lifetime hunting license to the lifetime fishing license package. 

You can purchase one-day and annual all-water licenses for the following prices:

  • Resident one day: $11
  • Resident annual: $40-47
  • Senior (65 and older) resident annual: $22
  • Legally blind resident one day: $7
  • Non-resident one day: $16
  • Non-resident annual: $68

Saltwater Fishing License Texas

Saltwater fishing licenses are also available for fishing in the Gulf of Mexico waters adjacent to the state of Texas. The prices for these licenses are $35 for residents, $17 for senior residents (65 and older), and $63 for non-residents. All saltwater fishing licenses are valid from the time of sale until the following August 31. 

To fish for or keep any clams, mussels, crayfish, fish, or other marine species, you need a saltwater fishing license. 

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