Getting a Fishing License at Walmart

There’s nothing quite as relaxing as pulling up to your favorite fishing hole – on a pond, out in the lake, or on a blue line somewhere up in the mountains – and throwing a baited line into the water to do some fishing.

It’s a great way to spend more time in nature.

The only way you’ll be able to enjoy a bit of fishing without any stress, headache, or hassle, though is if you have a fishing license.

Every state in the union requires one (and they all have different prices) and sometimes tracking them down can be a bit of a challenge.

Unless of course you go to Walmart – they always have fishing licenses for you to pick up at your convenience!

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Your Fishing License at Walmart

Walmart has made it easy for its customers to get a ton of things done in one place. If anything, it is notorious for its one-stop-shop approach that makes it an ideal shopping location for many.

Not only can you get your groceries, Christmas shopping, furniture, home decor, and outdoor gear all in one place, but you can get a sporting or fishing license during your visit as well!

Can I Buy a Fishing License at Walmart?

You bet you can!

Every Walmart in the country has a sporting goods section, and all of them have a couple of folks working at the “outdoor counter” next the fishing and hunting gear – and they sell licenses.


Residents and nonresidents will be able to buy their fishing license (as well as a hunting license or an all-encompassing “sporting license”, too) at Walmart all while picking out new tackle and new fishing gear!

It doesn’t get much better than that.

You’ll even be able to scoop up a day pass if you’re just spending a little bit of time in the area and want to get some time out on the water before you head home.

Important Things to Remember When Buying a Fishing License at Walmart

There are a couple of things you’ll want to remember when you go to buy your fishing license from Walmart, though.

First of all, you’ll need to bring a driver’s license or government issued ID with you – regardless of whether or not you are a resident of that state or a visitor.

Walmart needs to see exactly who you are before they are going to be able to write you out an official fishing license.

Secondly, you should know that you aren’t going to be able to enjoy any discount on your fishing license from the folks at Walmart.

You’re going to have to pay the same price you would from the state Department of Wildlife or the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. These prices are set by the state and Walmart isn’t able to offer discounts with them any.

Make sure that you keep these things in mind and you won’t have any trouble locking up a fishing license to go spend some time out on the water fishing for trout, bass, or anything else you’re after under the surface of your local waters.

Finding A Walmart By You

There are hundreds of places that you can obtain a fishing license from. However, finding them can really be a hassle and can sometimes be at locations that are out of the way, especially if you live in a rural area. 

The good news is that you can apply and pay for a fishing license at Walmart both in person, over the phone, and online depending on where you are from. With their various store location, you are bound to find a location that works best for you.

Just log onto their website and use their store locator to find the nearest Walmart location that offers sporting licenses so you can get started and begin your fishing excursions! 


Do You Need it Right Away?


You will want to keep in mind that if you apply over the phone or online that it can take a bit of time until you get your license. To obtain a fishing license you will need to provide identification with proof of residence that will then need to be verified for approval. 

Needless to say, buying a fishing license at Walmart is the fastest approach to obtaining a fishing license should you need to use it right away.    


Outdoor and Sporting Section

If your Walmart has an outdoor and sporting section, this is where you will want to go. When you visit Walmart, make your way to the sporting section which will have its own customer service area where you can purchase a fishing license.

To make your visit even more convenient, try calling before to your visit to find out the best times to visit. 


Cost of a Fishing License at Walmart


Depending on these factors, a fishing license at Walmart can cost anywhere from roughly $7 to $60. Several factors that will determine how much you spend on a fishing license at Walmart. This includes:

  • Your age- Senior citizens get a discount on how much a fishing license cost
  • Residency- The cost of a fishing license will vary from state to state. If you live in the state you are applying in and thus applying for a residential fishing license then the cost will be considerably cheaper than if you apply for a non-residential fishing license.

  • Duration for which you are looking to fish- There are fishing licenses that you can get that are good for a range of days. You can apply for a fishing license at Walmart for the entire year or a single day.

  • Add-ons- Fishing licenses may not cover certain things, such as trout fishing. Speak to the Walmart sales representative to find out what exactly your fishing license includes. If you opt for add-ons then the price will increase. 


Where Else Can I Buy My Fishing License?


Walmart isn’t the only place that you can buy a fishing license.


You can also pick them up at any local sporting goods store, any local bait and tackle shop (for the most part), or directly from your state Department of Wildlife or Department of Fishing and Wildlife.


For a quick rundown of all the state fishing license organizations (as well as current pricing) check out this link right here.