Trout Limit in Oklahoma

Oklahoma for trout is three fish. There are specific regulations for trout caught in the Lower Illinois River, Blue River, and Lower Mountain Fork River.

Trout Limit in Montana

In South Fork Flathead and the Bob Marshall Wilderness Areas in the Western District, the daily bag limit for combined trout species of rainbow, brown, and golden is three fish.

Trout Limit in Colorado

The daily bag limit in Colorado for all trout species including brown, cutthroat, lake, splake, rainbow, tiger, golden, cut bow, and brook combined is four fish. An additional ten brook trout measuring less than eight inches each are allowed to be harvested per day.

Trout Limit in Maine

The daily bag limit for trout species including rainbow, brown, and lake trout for the state of Maine is two fish. The daily bag limit for brook trout is five fish except in ponds and lakes in the South Zone where it is two fish.

Trout Limit in Nebraska

The daily bag limit for tiger, brown, and rainbow trout caught in Nebraska waters is five fish. The daily bag limit for cutthroat and brook trout caught in Nebraska waters is two fish.

Alaska Trout Limit and Other Limits

The daily bag limit for trout in most water bodies in Alaska is two fish. In some designated waters, the daily bag limit for rainbow and steelhead trout is five fish. There are certain areas that are catch and release only for all or part of the year.

Virginia Trout Limit

Shenandoah National Park, brook trout should be at least nine inches in length, and rainbow and brown trout still abide by the seven-inch minimum length limit.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Trout Limit in Michigan

The daily bag limit for trout caught in inland Michigan waters is five fish with only three measuring greater than fifteen inches in length. There are certain inland waters where the daily limit for brook trout is ten fish.

Trout Limit in Missouri

The daily Missouri trout limit is four fish. For rainbow trout, there is no size limit. However, harvested brown trout must measure at least fifteen inches in length. For certain blue-ribbon trout waters including Barren Fork Creek, Crane Creek, Blue Springs Creek, and Current River, the daily limit is one fish measuring at least eighteen inches in length.

Trout Limit in Tennessee

There are special exemption waters that have stricter limits on certain species as well as length limits. These can be found in the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s Fishing Guide under Trout Regulations.