Age for Texas Fishing License

Anyone over the age of sixteen and under the age of ninety is required to possess a fishing license to fish in the state of Texas. Senior residents aged sixty-five and older may purchase a Senior Resident Fishing License at a reduced fee. 

fishing license cost in ohio

Fishing License Cost in Ohio 2024

In order to fish in Ohio state waters, persons older than 15 years of age must purchase an Ohio fishing license. Active duty military personnel stationed in Ohio are considered residents and are included in the requirement. The cost for fishing licenses range from $14.00 for a one day license to $599.04 for a lifetime license for Ohio residents.

Fishing License Cost in North Carolina

Fishing License Cost in North Carolina 2024

2024 North Carolina Fishing License Anglers can get a fishing license cost in North Carolina through the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) website, authorized license agents, or by phone. To obtain a fishing license, you’ll need to provide personal information such as your name, address, and date of birth. You can choose from various…


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