Fishing License Nevada

All anglers aged twelve and over are required to have a Nevada fishing license to fish in Nevada state waters. The prices for Nevada fishing licenses are listed below.

Fishing License in Pennsylvania Cost

An annual Pennsylvania fishing license for residents costs $22.97, while the cost for non-residents is $52.97. All persons over the age of fifteen must possess a valid fishing license in order to fish in the state of Pennsylvania.

Non-Resident Fishing License in Florida

Non-residents of Florida older than fifteen years of age are required to possess a fishing license if fishing to keep or catch and release any nonnative or native fish or marine organism in freshwater or saltwater in the state of Florida. Read further to learn more about exceptions to the rule, costs of non-resident fishing licenses, and free fishing days.

How to Buy a Texas Fishing License Online

Under current Texas law, you must purchase a valid Texas fishing license before fishing in public waters. If you are caught without a license, you may be subject to a $500 fine. Fortunately, though, you can easily purchase a Texas fishing license through the Department of Fish and Game’s online sales platform. To order a…

Fishing License Maryland  

Any persons over the age of fifteen fishing in Maryland waters must obtain a valid Maryland fishing license which is good for a full year from the date of purchase. Freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses are available for purchase for both resident and non-residents of Maryland.

Fishing License Maine  

Any persons over the age of fifteen who fish in Maine waters are required to possess a Maine fishing license. A license can be purchased from most sporting goods stores, turnpike service centers, convenience stores, town clerks, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife office in Augusta, or on their website.

Age for Texas Fishing License

Anyone over the age of sixteen and under the age of ninety is required to possess a fishing license to fish in the state of Texas. Senior residents aged sixty-five and older may purchase a Senior Resident Fishing License at a reduced fee. 

Ohio State flags in Columbus, Ohio

Fishing License Cost in Ohio

In order to fish in Ohio state waters, persons older than 15 years of age must purchase an Ohio fishing license. Active duty military personnel stationed in Ohio are considered residents and are included in the requirement. The cost for fishing licenses range from $14.00 for a one day license to $599.04 for a lifetime license for Ohio residents.

North Carolina on a map

Fishing License Cost in North Carolina

Need to know what a fishing license will cost in North Carolina? The pricing for fishing licenses costs in North Carolina is as follows: Type of License Price Inland 10 Day Resident $9 Inland 10 Day Non-resident $23 Inland Annual Resident $25 Inland Annual Non-resident $45 Inland Lifetime Resident (age 16-64) $265 Inland Lifetime Senior…

North Dakota on a map

Fishing License in North Dakota  

Fishing licenses for North Dakota are valid from April 1 to March 31 of the following year. Fishing licenses are required and available for purchase for both residents and non-residents of the state of North Dakota aged sixteen and older.