Can you Trout Fish at Night?

Night can be a very lucrative time to fish for trout. Trout may even be more active at night than during the daytime if the weather is clear and sunny. Trout like cold, dark waters so will stay inactive on a warm, sunny day and come out at night to feed. Brown trout are especially good to catch at night. 

In this article, we’ll review fly fishing for trout at night as well as the best bait to use to catch trout after dark. We’ll also discuss how well trout see at night and whether or not they sleep. Get your headlamp and glow-in-the-dark line ready for some nighttime trout fishing!

Do Trout See Well At Night?

Trout can see well at night although their color vision does not work. At night, trout can only see in shades of gray so selecting flies and lures that will contrast with the background light and have a clearly definite silhouette are best to use. Avoid colored lures and flies as these will not provide any advantage to catching trout at night. 

Can You Fly Fish for Trout At Night?

Fly fishing for trout at night is a great way to land a big catch, especially for brown trout which tend to be more active after dark. There are several tips and tricks which make fly fishing for trout easier and safer.

Use glow-in-the-dark fishing line and bobbers. Fish with heavier rods and weights and make shorter, more frequent casts. Scout out your fishing spot before dark falls and wear safety glasses at night to avoid getting hooked in the eye. 

What Is the Best Bait to Use for Trout At Night?

Minnows provide the best bait to use when fishing for trout at night. Minnows are extremely active and the trout will be able to detect the vibrations in the water disturbed by the minnow’s movement. Attaching a glow-in-the-dark bobber will also help you see if you get a bite on your line. Try these glow-in-the-dark bobbers on your next venture.

Live worms also provide good night bait and can be extra attractive to trout if scented oils such as shrimp or garlic are added. 

Do Trout Sleep?

Trout do sleep, but usually during the day especially if it’s hot and sunny. Trout prefer cold, dark waters and are more active around dawn, dusk, and at night time. When trout need to rest, they usually find a place near the bottom of the body of water they inhabit that is sheltered and out of a fast current. 


Trout fishing at night may prove more lucrative than during the day since trout are more active in cold, dark waters. Fly fishing at night especially using live bait like worms or minnows is a great way to land a big catch especially of brown trout which are particularly active after dark. 

While trout can see at night, their color vision is not great so it’s best not to use colorful lures. Although trout sleep, they are awake and active at night time so get out there after dark and go catch some fish!

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