Trout Limit in Missouri

The daily Missouri trout limit is four fish. For rainbow trout, there is no size limit. However, harvested brown trout must measure at least fifteen inches in length. For certain blue-ribbon trout waters including Barren Fork Creek, Crane Creek, Blue Springs Creek, and Current River, the daily limit is one fish measuring at least eighteen inches in length.

Branson, Missouri Trout Fishing

Branson, Missouri is a destination spot for trout fishing and attracts anglers from all over the world. Stocked with some of the best brown and rainbow trout, there are numerous spots to fly fish, shore fish, or fish from a vessel.

Trout Fishing in Missouri

While this guide may seem extensive, it’s simply in-depth for your benefit. Much of the information you’ve learned — such as when you can take your catch home and when you have to release — is something you’ll only need to learn once. While the rules of your outing could vary based on location, you now know the basics of trout fishing in Missouri!