How to Trout Fish with Salmon Eggs – A Complete Guide

Fishing for trout with salmon eggs is simple and very effective. Setting up your rig so that the bait sinks is the best way to hook some trout. Trout naturally feed on salmon eggs, so this is one of the best baits to use.

In this article, we will provide you with information on the equipment you need for your salmon egg setup, how to rig the eggs, and which hook size works best. We’ll also guide you on how to fish with salmon eggs in a river, inform you whether or not the eggs will float, and point you towards the best salmon eggs to use for trout fishing.

Salmon Egg Fishing Setup

In order to fish for trout with salmon eggs, you will need a few basic pieces of equipment including six to eight-pound monofilament, a split shot weight, a snap swivel, a bobber, two to four-pound leader line, a size ten to twelve hook, and some salmon eggs.

Ensuring that you have the right hook size is essential and putting together your rig properly will help you be successful in catching lots of trout. We will outline both of these points in detail below so you are properly prepared to land a bountiful catch.

How to Rig Salmon Eggs

Salmon eggs can be rigged one at a time on your setup. You will need to attach a snap swivel with the leader to your mainline followed by a bobber six inches up. About two and a half feet from the bobber, attach a split shot to help the line sink. Attach the hook to the end of the leader and spear a single salmon egg through the hook.

Salmon Egg Hook Size for Trout

The best hook size for fishing with salmon eggs is either a 10 or a 12. The smaller the hook the better because of how small the eggs are. However, you also need to make sure it is sufficient enough to hook the trout, so going to a 14 is not recommended.

A baitholder hook is also a preferable option since salmon eggs are on the soft side and can slide down the hook once threaded.

How to Trout Fish with Salmon Eggs in a River

The best place in a river to fish with salmon eggs when looking for trout is in the deep pools where trout like to hang out or where the fast running water begins to slow down. Since salmon eggs are light and will float, it is best to use a split shot to allow your bait and line to sink.

Trout love to eat salmon eggs which are naturally found in the deep pools and rock crevices of trout habitats. The best way to present salmon eggs to trout is to mimic their natural occurrence by letting them sink to the bottom. You will get a hit in no time!

Do Salmon Eggs Float?

Salmon eggs are light enough that they will float. When salmon spawn, they lay their eggs in the deep pools and rock crevices. They attach them to surfaces with a sticky substance so they don’t float away. Trout are used to finding salmon eggs in these places.

The eggs can become detached and float downstream, however. Floating salmon eggs are an easy meal for trout. Float fishing salmon eggs is effective but there is a technique to it. Using split shots to let the eggs sink is easier, but float fishing is a good challenge to try.

Best Salmon Eggs for Trout Fishing

Natural salmon eggs are your best bet for fishing for trout. A trout’s instinct is to eat salmon eggs and there is no greater draw than one of their favorite foods. Since the eggs are small and you only really need to hook one at a time, a jar will last you a while.

There are also scented salmon eggs on the market. These are natural salmon eggs with an added attractive quality of garlic oil. Trout have an excellent sense of smell and garlic is especially appealing to them. We recommend you try Mike’s Fishing Trout Bait Salmon Eggs. These are almost guaranteed to help you snag a trout.

When all else fails, you can always use power bait that is scented like salmon eggs. The added sparkle of glitter will catch a trout’s eye and they can’t resist that enticing smell of salmon eggs.


Trout fishing with salmon eggs is easy and fun and can land you a lot of fish. Setting up your rig is simple. Ensuring that you have a split shot to sink the leader and the proper size hook for the salmon egg bait is essential.

Salmon eggs are some of the best baits to use for trout. You can sink line or float fish with these and be guaranteed a bountiful catch.

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