Man fishing in upstate New York

Online Fishing License New York

You are required to possess a New York fishing license if you are older than sixteen years of age fishing in New York state. A New York fishing license can be purchased online at the New York State’s Department of Environmental Conservation’s Automated Licensing System’s website.

Once you’ve purchased your fishing license online, you will receive an email with your valid fishing license to print off. Since you will be prompted to create an account with the Department of Environmental Conservation, you can access your license information at any time by logging in.

In this article, we’ll inform you how to renew your New York State fishing license. Next, we’ll cover whether or not senior citizens need a New York State fishing license. Finally, we’ll hit how much a lifetime New York State fishing license costs.

How Do I Renew My New York Fishing License?

Your New York fishing license can be renewed in one of three ways: by phone, online, or in person.

You can call the Department of Environmental Conservation or visit one of the valid fishing license issuing agents in New York state to renew. Be sure to have your license number and driver’s license available. License issuing agents include most sporting goods stores that have a fishing department as well as county offices.

Alternatively, fishing licenses can be renewed on the Department of Environmental Conservation’s Automated Licensing System website. Simply log on using the account information you created when you first purchased the license and follow the steps to renew.

Do Senior Citizens Need a Fishing License in New York State?Senior Citizen Fishing

Senior citizens do need to possess a valid New York State fishing license if fishing in New York. However, residents over the age of 69 can purchase an annual New York fishing license at a reduced cost of $5 compared to the regular fee of $25.

In order to obtain this discounted license, you must provide proof of residency and age which can be fulfilled by presenting your valid New York State driver’s license. Senior citizen fishing licenses can be purchased online, by phone, or in person from any valid fishing license issuing agent location.

New York State Lifetime Fishing License

New York offers a lifetime freshwater fishing license for residents only. The cost of this license is $460 for persons under 70 years of age and $65 for those 70 and older.

In addition, a combination of lifetime hunting and fishing is available for $380 for those under 5 years old, $535 for those aged 5 to 11, $765 for those aged 12 to 69, and $65 for those 70 and older.

Residents who purchase a lifetime fishing license have the option of carrying a license card or adding an icon to their New York State driver’s license for convenience. Since this is a new feature, residents who currently hold a lifetime fishing license and those who request an icon addition upon renewal of their driver’s license will not be charged for this service.