Obtaining a Fishing License in Rhode Island

Rhode Island requires fishing licenses for any persons over the age of fourteen. It is easiest to purchase licenses from the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s website. All fishing license holders must follow regulations when fishing in the state of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Fishing License 2021 Cost

Annual saltwater licenses for the state of Rhode Island cost $7 for residents and $10 for non-residents. Seven-day Rhode Island saltwater licenses are available for purchase for $5 for both residents and non-residents. Senior (65 and older) Rhode Island residents and military personnel stationed in Rhode Island can obtain a saltwater fishing license at no cost. 

Annual freshwater licenses for the state of Rhode Island cost $18 for residents and military personnel stationed in Rhode Island, and $35 for non-residents. Three-day freshwater licenses are also available to non-residents for $16. Senior (65 and older) Rhode Island residents and persons with 100% disability can obtain a freshwater fishing license at no cost. 

Trout Fishing Rhode Island

Rhode Island Saltwater Fishing Regulations

The Department of Environmental Management for the state of Rhode Island has posted on its website the possession limits, seasons, and minimum size requirements for all saltwater species available to catch from American eel to winter flounder: https://www.eregulations.com/rhodeisland/fishing/saltwater/2021-recreational-regulations.

It is important for all saltwater anglers to prevent the introduction of invasive species so regulations regarding the cleaning of boats, fishing gear, and apparel to remove any potential invasive species are essential. 

Rhode Island Fishing License Age

All freshwater anglers over the age of fourteen and saltwater anglers over the age of fifteen are required to possess a valid Rhode Island fishing license if fishing within state waters. Senior citizens (65 and older) must hold a fishing license although there is no fee for the license. 

Rhode Island Freshwater Fishing Regulations

The recreational fishing seasons, bag limits, and minimum length requirements for specific species are listed on the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management’s website: https://rules.sos.ri.gov/regulations/part/250-60-00-10. Fishing outside of these regulations is prohibited. 

Chumming in trout waters, using corn or goldfish for bait, and purposefully mutilating any caught fish designated for release are prohibited activities in Rhode Island. 

The Department of Environmental Management’s website also designates the bodies of water that are specifically reserved for youth fishing for persons under fifteen, trout fishing, and restricted fishing gear use. 

How Many Trout Can You Keep in Rhode Island?

How much trout can you keep in R\

From April to November, the catch limit for trout is five fish per day measuring at least eight inches long. From December to February, the trout catch limit is two fish per day with the same minimum size requirements. 

Is It Illegal to Fish with Corn in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is the only state in which it is illegal to use corn as bait when fishing within state waters. This law is to prevent high mortality rates of fish whose intestines are not large enough to pass corn and thus would die from the blockage.