Fishing License in Pennsylvania Cost

An annual Pennsylvania fishing license for residents costs $22.97, while the cost for non-residents is $52.97. All persons over the age of fifteen must possess a valid fishing license in order to fish in the state of Pennsylvania. 

If you are a Pennsylvania resident over the age of 64 or under the age of 16, there are reduced fishing license costs so that senior citizens only pay $11.97 and youths only pay $2.97 for an annual license. Non-resident students attending Pennsylvania schools can also purchase a reduced rate fishing license for $22.97.

Single-day resident fishing licenses are available for $11.97. Single-day, three-day, and seven-day fishing licenses are available for non-residents to purchase at a cost of $26.97, $26.97, and $34.97, respectively. 

For those wishing to purchase multi-year licenses, those are available for both residents and non-residents for the following fees:

Type of License Pennsylvania Residents Non-Residents
3 Year $64.97 $154.97
5 Year $106.97 $256.97
10 Year $211.97 $511.97

In order for any resident or non-resident of any age to fish for trout or to fish in Lake Erie, additional permits must be purchased.

How Much Does a Pennsylvania Lifetime Fishing License Cost?

Lifetime fishing licenses for Pennsylvania are only available to resident senior citizens 65 years of age or older; non-residents are not eligible to purchase the senior lifetime fishing license. The fishing license costs $51.97. 

These fishing licenses – and any Pennsylvania fishing license – can be purchased at any approved license issuing agency which includes most local hardware and sporting goods stores. Also, they can be purchased at any Walmart that has a sporting goods section. Pennsylvania has 163 Walmart stores spread throughout the state.

Fishing licenses are also available for purchase at any one of the six Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission offices as well as at each county’s Treasurer Office. 

Can I Purchase a Pennsylvania Fishing License Online?

Pennsylvania fishing licenses are available for purchase at Pennsylvania Game Commission and Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s licensing website: Also, you can buy a Pennsylvania fishing license online through a participating Walmart store.