Trout Limit in Tennessee

There are special exemption waters that have stricter limits on certain species as well as length limits. These can be found in the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency’s Fishing Guide under Trout Regulations.

South Dakota Trout Limit

The daily bag limit for trout in South Dakota is five fish. This includes any combination of brown, brook, rainbow, splake, lake trout, and salmon. Most of the trout species are restricted to a pocket on the western side of the state or in the Missouri River.

Trout Limit in Vermont

The daily bag limit for brown, brook, and rainbow trout for Vermont streams and rivers is eight fish, and for ponds and lakes is six fish. Harvest of more than five fish per species is prohibited. The daily bag limit for lake trout in combination with landlocked salmon is two fish.

Trout Limit in Massachusetts

The Massachusetts trout daily limit for any combination of brown, tiger, brook, and rainbow trout is eight fish from April to mid-September. But, it is three fish from mid-September through March. Only three of the daily limit can be harvested from ponds, lakes, or major rivers. Only one trout measuring at least twenty inches in…

Trout Limit in Iowa

The daily bag limit in Iowa for trout is five fish. Trout harvested in Spring Branch and brown trout harvested from parts of Bloody Run Creek must measure at least fourteen inches in length. Certain streams are only catch-and-release so no trout may be harvested from these.

Trout Limit in Georgia

Georgia waters are home to three freshwater trout species and their hybrids. Anglers may harvest up to eight of these fish per day. Speckled trout have a higher daily bag limit at fifteen fish per day. Certain waters have a lower daily bag limit than the statewide limit for freshwater trout.

Best Trout Fishing in Georgia: The Ultimate Guide

If you are planning on trout fish in Georgia, this ultimate guide to the best fishing spots is the number resource to hooking a prize winner. With rainbow, brook, and brown trout found throughout the state, some of the top-rated waters to catch a trout in Georgia include the Toccoa River, Chattahoochee River, and other…