Branson, Missouri Trout Fishing

Branson, Missouri is a destination spot for trout fishing and attracts anglers from all over the world. Stocked with some of the best brown and rainbow trout, there are numerous spots to fly fish, shore fish, or fish from a vessel.

Man holding a fishing rod

Trout Fishing Season in Pennsylvania

Although the fishing season for some species extends all year round in Pennsylvania, for trout the regular season is restricted to spring and summer. The extended season for trout occurs in the fall and winter with lower catch limits than the regular season.

Wild Brown Trout caught in North Carolina

The Trout Limit in North Carolina

The catch limit for trout in North Carolina is four fish per day in public mountains and wild trout waters and seven fish per day in undesignated trout waters and those supported by hatcheries. The minimum total length limit of wild trout waters is seven inches while there is no length restriction for the other harvestable trout waters.

Get Your Saltwater Fishing License in New Jersey

New Jersey offers some great saltwater fishing both recreationally and commercially. While you do not need a recreational saltwater license for New Jersey, you do need to register with the state’s saltwater registry. Commercial anglers are required to possess a saltwater fishing license. In this article, you will learn who needs to possess a saltwater…

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Trout Limit in Arkansas

The daily limit for harvesting trout in Arkansas is five fish with no more than two from each of the following species: cutthroat, brown, and brook. The daily limit encompasses any combination of the available trout species to catch which includes brook, brown, rainbow, and cutthroat.

Quick Look at Trout Fishing in Minnesota

Trout fishing in Minnesota can offer a variety of experiences from fly fishing in the summer to ice fishing in the winter. Minnesota is home to over 3800 miles of trout waters housing brook, rainbow, and brown trout.

Man fishing in the Uintas

Utah Trout Limit

The daily bag limit for trout caught in Utah state waters is four fish. This includes a combination of trout, grayling, and salmon. There are certain state waters that allow for possession of extra brook trout.

Indiana Fishing License

All anglers eighteen and older must possess a valid Indiana fishing license in order to fish in public state waters. Exemptions apply for certain cases and reduced rates are available for particular individuals as well. In this article, you will learn how to purchase an Indiana fishing license online, what the requirements are for possessing…

Maryland Trout Limit

The daily bag limit for all trout species caught in Maryland state waters is two fish. For Put-and-Take areas, the daily bag limit is five trout except for brook trout which cannot be retained at all. There are also designated Catch-and-Return areas from which no trout can be harvested.

How Many Types of Trout Are There?

There are thirteen species of freshwater trout, including three that are hybrids, and one species of saltwater trout that can be found in North America. The saltwater species is known as speckled trout or spotted seatrout. The others we will break down for you in this article.