What is Rainbow Trout’s Favorite Food?

  Have you ever asked yourself what is rainbow trout’s favorite food? Rainbow trout can consume anything from insects to minnows, fish eggs, and earthworms. Young rainbow trout feed on water fleas and then, as adults, aquatic (water) insects like caddisflies, mayflies, and midges. They gradually incorporate bigger fish into their diet as they get…

Trout Fishing on the White River: The Ultimate Guide  

Known around the world as one of the premier trout fishing spots on the planet (not just the US, but the entire world), the White River offers unparalleled opportunities to land monster trout and is a real angler’s paradise. At the same time, fishing the White River can feel a little bit daunting – especially…

Fishing License in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, the state requires a fishing license for all residents and non-residents over the age of sixteen unless fishing on private property that does not include the Red River. Land Access Permits are required to fish in the Three Rivers and Honobia Creek Wildlife Management Areas. In this article, we’ll go over who is…

Fishing License in New Mexico

In order to legally fish in New Mexico, anyone over the age of eleven must possess a fishing license unless fishing on private lakes or Native American tribal reservations. All fishing licenses are valid from April 1 to March 31 and must be carried by all anglers while fishing.  In this article, we will discuss…

7 Recipes for Trout Fish (You’ll Die For)

Trout is light and flakey with a mild taste similar to catfish, making it extremely versatile, and can be cooked in several different ways including grilled, poached, pan-seared, fried, smoked, and baked. Read on for some great recipes for trout fish. Here are 7 of our favorite recipes for trout fish that provide a flavorful and…

How Much are CA Fishing Licenses?

A California fishing license typically costs anywhere from $54.00 to $145.80 for an annual sport fishing license. There are also some reduced rates for certain individuals. Continue reading for more details on which California fishing license is best for you.

Getting a Fishing License at Walmart

Every state in the union requires one (and they all have different prices) and sometimes tracking them down can be a bit of a challenge. Unless of course you go to Walmart – they always have fishing licenses for you to pick up at your convenience!

Trout Fishing in Missouri

While this guide may seem extensive, it’s simply in-depth for your benefit. Much of the information you’ve learned — such as when you can take your catch home and when you have to release — is something you’ll only need to learn once. While the rules of your outing could vary based on location, you now know the basics of trout fishing in Missouri!

How Much is a Fishing License?

Fishing likely requires that you purchase a fishing license before you proceed. How much fishing license will cost will depend on a few factors, which can cause the price to range anywhere from $9.50 to $124.65.